“I take great delight in performing entertainment that happens in the heart and mind. It’s gentle, light-hearted, fun and intriguing. But the best part is allowing the audience to recapture a nostalgic sense of astonishment. I love that moment when the spectator experiences a childlike sense of wonder, and it shows on their face. It’s magic for grownups.” Drew McAdam

Sheer Entertainment

What makes Drew McAdam unique is that his audience is lured into the sheer entertainment of his presentation as they watch the impossible become possible. Drew challenges and questions and plays with his audience as he demonstrates his considerable skills.


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Drew enthrals, entertains and educates

Drew enthrals, entertains and educates audiences all over the UK, Europe and beyond. An eight day event for Scotland’s most successful businessman in the Yusopov Palace, St Petersburg, Russia, was a triumph. Paris, Marbella, Kiev, Slovakia, Sicily, The Netherlands have all proved to be perfect locations for Drew’s outstanding talents.

Drew has entertained the stars

Drew has entertained members of the Royal Family, international sports stars, astronauts, and pop music icons along with movie and TV celebrities.

  • Walkabout / Table hopping entertainment
  • Trade Shows
  • Product Launches
  • After Dinner Astonishment (Speaker)
  • Stage
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Corporate Seminars (Making the Impossible Possible)
  • Cyber Security (Social Engineering) presentation